Arizona is one of the latest states to legalize sports betting, and the industry is already off to a strong start. In September 2021, the first sportsbooks opened for business, and 18 online sportsbooks are now operating in the state.

Each of these sportsbooks offers a set of bonuses to welcome new players and keep existing players engaged. This includes free bets, odds boosts, and deposit bonuses. So far, the state has seen high activity and interest in legal betting, with the first four months combining to book 175 billion in wagers.

Sports betting in Arizona is still in its early stages, however, and continues to grow. Here’s a look at what’s happening in the Grand Canyon State.

Comparing top Arizona betting apps

When it comes to sports betting, everyone has their own personal preferences. Some people might prefer one sportsbook over another due to the different bonuses or odds boosts they offer, while others might prefer a sportsbook with great usability or one that has live streaming of games.

Here is a breakdown of the best each sportsbook has to offer, as well as reviews of the top sports betting apps in Arizona.

Best Sportsbook for Major Sporting Events: DraftKings

DraftKings has connections to top sports leagues and has tie-in promotions with several of them throughout their respective seasons. This gives you the best chance of betting on the biggest games.

Best Sportsbook for Flexibility: BetMGM

Most sportsbooks offer an option to cash out your bet early, but BetMGM’s Edit My Bet feature takes things a step further and allows you to exchange parts of the bet, add additional legs, or increase the amount of your wager. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to betting on games.

Best Sportsbook for Usability: FanDuel

The FanDuel app is likely the easiest to navigate and use out of any major sportsbook. The app design is intuitive and gets top scores in a 2021 independent study by Eilers Krejcik Gaming. It also operates quickly, so you can bet with the least amount of effort.

Best Sportsbook for Bonuses: Caesars

Caesars offers one of the better bonus options in the state, on top of some great odds boosts. There is also membership in the Caesars Rewards program, one of the top loyalty programs.

Best Sportsbook for Social Immersion: BetRivers

BetRivers makes up for a perfunctory app with its live streaming of games and other social features. You can watch your bet in real time and see your activity appear in a feed in the main lobby. This gives you a more immersive experience when betting on sports.

1. DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings is one of the leading sportsbooks when it comes to offering customized odds and bet suggestions to players. No matter what sport you’re looking to bet on, DraftKings will have a list of potential wagers tailored specifically for you.

This is a great feature for players who are looking to maximize their profits, but it can also be a little overwhelming for those who are new to the world of sports betting. In addition, the sportsbook could stand to offer existing players more promos as most of its bonuses focus on newer customers.

  • App store rating: 4.8 (iOS), 4.6 (Android)
  • Key takeaway: DraftKings is solid from top to bottom and should have something for most sports bettors.
  • Best feature: Betting pools
  • AZ bonus offer: $1,050

2. Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook is a good option for those looking for a large-scale sportsbook app with few wagers it will be unable to handle. You are unlikely to find a stronger slate of promotions for both new and existing bettors here, but the sportsbook app itself is rather unremarkable and doesn’t have many of the frills that other major books might.

  • App store rating: 4.6 (iOS), 4.3 (Android)
  • Key takeaway: A trusted and experienced name in gambling.
  • Best feature: Bonuses and promotions, including Caesars Rewards
  • AZ bonus offer: $1,500

3. BetMGM Sportsbook

If you’re looking for a deep online sportsbook with tons of minor sports available to bet on, BetMGM is a great option. In addition, bettors have more flexibility and control over their open wagers than elsewhere thanks to BetMGMs Edit My Bet function. The app itself can be a bit clunky to navigate at times, though, so be prepared for a few bumps along the way.

  • App store rating: 4.8 (iOS), 4.2 (Android)
  • Key takeaway: A good choice for those who like to browse through a lot of bets.
  • Best feature: Edit My Bet
  • AZ bonus offer: $1,000

4. BetRivers Sportsbook

Rush Street Interactive, the sports betting arm of Rush Street Gaming, has opened for business in Arizona. This comes about a month after sports betting made its debut in the state.

BetRivers offers a variety of betting options, as well as a great loyalty program. However, the app itself could use some streamlining. It can be a bit clunky to use.

  • App store rating: 3.0 (iOS), 2.1 (Android)
  • Key takeaway: The social elements can make a stop on BetRivers a good call for those interested.
  • Best feature: iRush Rewards
  • AZ bonus offer: $250

5. Betfred Sports

If you’re looking for a solid sportsbook with plenty of betting markets and types of wagers you can make, Betfred is a great option. In particular, its samegame parlays stand out as a great way to increase your potential winnings. However, Betfred is a bit skimpy on bonuses and promotions, and could stand to bump up its loyalty program.

  • App store rating: 4.0 (iOS), 4.0 (Android)
  • Key takeaway: A solid choice with plenty of betting options.
  • Best feature: Same-game parlays
  • AZ bonus offer: $250

6. FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook debuted in September 2021 in Arizona, and it was one of the first books to open for business in the state. The book offers a sleek, smooth and fast user experience, and it has a heavy dose of samegame parlays. However, with such a crisp user experience, the few rough spots such as player prop menus stick out.

  • App store rating: 4.8 (iOS), 4.7 (Android)
  • Key takeaway: For the most part, navigating an app has never been easier.
  • Best feature: Same-game parlays
  • AZ bonus offer: $1,000

7. Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet is a European sportsbook that has been making a splash in the US market. With its wide variety of sports available for betting, as well as a robust bonus and rewards program, Unibet is perfect for bettors who want a no-frills sportsbook experience.

In addition, Unibet’s app design is rather tame compared to some of its competitors, which could be a plus or a minus, depending on your preferences. Finally, Unibet could stand to improve its bonus offerings, which are currently not as competitive as those of other sportsbooks.

  • App store rating: 2.5 (iOS), 3.6 (Android)
  • Key takeaway: Simple site that offers a gentle introduction to sports betting.
  • Best feature: Odds boosts
  • AZ bonus offer: $250

How to sign up for best AZ sportsbook bonuses

If you’re looking to get into the exciting world of online sports betting, Arizona is a great place to start. The process of registering for an account and making your first deposit is relatively simple, and you can be up and betting in no more than 15 minutes. In addition, many online sportsbooks offer bonuses for new customers, so be sure to check out the offers before you sign up.

  1. DraftKings Promo Code: Make your first deposit to get a $50 free bet plus 20% matching funds up to $1,000.
  2. Caesars Promo Code: Use the code LEGAL15 to receive up to $1,100 in first bet insurance.
  3. BetMGM Bonus Code: Use the code PLAYBONUS to receive a risk-free first bet for up to $1,000.
  4. BetRivers Affiliate Code: Use the code PLAY250 to receive 100% up to $250 on your first deposit.
  5. Betfred Bonus Code: Use BETBONUS to get a risk-free first bet up to $250.

Types of bonuses

When you’re looking at bonuses at sportsbooks, it’s important to understand what the different options mean for you and your account balance. Here are some of the most common bonuses you’ll find:

  • No deposit: This bonus is in the form of free money that the sportsbook provides you with, without requiring you to deposit any of your own money first.
  • Deposit: When you make your first deposit at a sportsbook, the site may offer a bonus to match your funds. This is a great way to increase your bankroll and give yourself a chance to make some winning bets.
  • Risk-free bet: There is no such thing as a risk-free bet, but these promotions are sports betting’s version of insurance. In fact, they are sometimes called insurance bonuses. A book will compensate you with free bets or site credits for your net losses over a certain period or for certain wagers.
  • Odds boost: If you’re looking to increase your potential payout on some wagers, The Book is the place to go. Each day, The Book increases the potential payout on selected wagers, and these increases always favor the player. This means that The Book is always working to encourage more wagering, so make sure to take advantage!
  • Loyalty program: Players receive points and benefits for repeated and consistent play. The program usually enrolls players automatically when they create an account.

When you receive a bonus from an online gambling site, it will usually come in one of two formats: site credits or free bets. Site credits work like normal dollars on the site; you can use them to place wagers and win real money. Free bets, on the other hand, are gift certificates for wagers of a set denomination. Neither site credits nor free bets will be available to withdraw immediately; you will have to wager with them a set amount of times before they will convert to cash.

10 notable facts about Arizona sports betting

  1. On April 21, 2021, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation making sports betting legal in the state.
  2. The first sportsbooks in Arizona opened in September 2021, and they were a huge success. 
  3. Arizona sportsbooks reported $1.75 billion in wagers during the first four months of service, according to state gaming officials. That’s more than the state’s entire annual budget.
  4. Arizona sports betting apps are partnered with federally recognized tribes in the state. The apps are run by the tribes and offer a variety of betting options on sports events.
  5. In Arizona, you must be 21 years or older to bet on sports.
  6. Residents of Arizona are only able to wager on sports if they are physically located inside the state lines.
  7. Players, coaches, referees, and other members of the sports community are not allowed to bet on their own sport, as it could lead to cheating or other unethical behavior.
  8. While you can bet on college sports in Arizona, there is no betting on high school sports of any kind. 
  9. Placing college prop bets on teams or individual athletes may seem like a good option, but it is actually not legal in most cases.

There is no provision in the law to allow for betting on nonsports events such as the Academy Awards or the Grammys. This is because the law was written specifically to allow for betting on sports events, and no other types of events.